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Something Brewing

With Diocesan Synod fast approaching, and encouragement from Bishop Anne, St. Luke's decided to repeat its innovative mission project Tarime Sonrise Coffee. In April, “shares” were sold to Cathedral members and friends, the proceeds of which were used to produce one hundred bags of a rich blend of organic, fair trade, African coffee beans, expertly prepared by St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters – Tarime Sonrise Coffee. Fresh and aromatic, the coffee was offered for sale at our May 2017 meeting of Diocesan Synod at the price of $20 per bag, and sold out in less than 24 hours. The benefits were many: Shareholders received a tax receipt for the full amount of their investment in the project. In

Stained Glass Window Project

​It is with a sense of pride and accomplishment that I write this report for your reading pleasure. What began as a plan to remove, restore, and reinstall the nine north and south wall stained glass windows in the Cathedral, was expanded upon to include the two north wall windows in the Fellowship/Sunday School room and another south wall window in the Choir room. It was felt that over a span of 12 years we could accomplish our intended task and have a window done each year. When it was announced in past communiques to the St. Luke's parishioners that this project was being undertaken, the project took on a mind of its own. The overwhelming support from people allowed us to finish the proje

Dean's Message

Isn't it funny how September feels a little bit like a new year? Perhaps this is in part because we have all been students at sometime, and that for teachers and students September is truly a new year and a new beginning. For others as well; those who till the ground, even as they are enjoying the harvest they are looking ahead and preparing for a new season. A new season indeed. As the evenings grow cooler, the nights grow longer, and the forests change colour, we all sense the times are changing. We feel in our bones that the warm and languid days of summer, of which there were perhaps too few this year, are giving over to brisker ones, and that it is time to get on with the things that a

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