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Cathedral's Assistant Curate

Bishop Anne is pleased to announce that Chris Pichette, preparing for chaplaincy in the Canadian Armed Forces, and presently serving a two year term as the Assistant Curate at St. Luke’s Cathedral, will be received into the Anglican Church of Canada on Sunday, October 21st. Chris comes to Algoma with the endorsement of Bishop Nigel Shaw, the Bishop Ordinary of the Military. Bishop Shaw will be present as Chris is welcomed as a priest into the Anglican Church at which time Father Chris will celebrate his first Eucharist at the Cathedral. Please pray for Chris and the members of St. Luke’s Cathedral as they prepare for this important day in the life of the church.

A Sign for the Times

With work completed on the exterior of the bell tower, the way is now clear for the installation of the new digital sign which was approved at the special meeting of the Cathedral Vestry held on Sunday, March 4th, of this year. Superior 7 Advertising Ltd. is nearing completion of the sign manufacture and we can anticipate its installation on the south west corner of the church grounds any day now. Facing the busy downtown intersection of Brock and Albert streets, this versatile sign will be an attractive addition to the Cathedral property as well as a fundamental part of St. Luke's communications strategy. The fruit of nearly thirty years of dreaming, planning, and effort, this is truly a si

First Phase of Tower Restoration Completed

As per the direction of the special meeting of the Cathedral Vestry held on Sunday, July 1, 2018, work has just finished to seal the exterior building envelope of our beloved bell tower. Skillful re-pointing of the heritage sandstone was completed by Snell Stone Masonry, and a thorough renovation of the tower's flat roof was provided by Maverick and Son. We very much appreciate the professionalism and high quality workmanship of these contractors on this project, as well as the leadership and oversight of our Wardens and the Cathedral Advisory Board. Special thanks go to Chris Tossell for his technical advise and practical assistance freely given. Next steps in the tower restoration will inc

Dean's Message

Have you caught the bug? Even as many people are getting flu shots, there is another condition that is reaching pandemic proportions. It is a highly contagious seasonal disorder, and its symptoms are varied and many, and may include: fatigue, confusion, blurred vision, erratic behaviour, fits of giddiness, binge eating, excessive alcohol consumption, euphoria, depression, loss of sleep, irritability, impaired judgement, and patterns of impulsive and excessive spending. While it is thought that the condition is rarely fatal, its individual and societal impact is almost beyond measure. Left untreated, it can have lasting, even permanent consequences for those afflicted. What is this malady? It

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