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Have you caught the bug?

Even as many people are getting flu shots, there is another condition that is reaching pandemic proportions. It is a highly contagious seasonal disorder, and its symptoms are varied and many, and may include: fatigue, confusion, blurred vision, erratic behaviour, fits of giddiness, binge eating, excessive alcohol consumption, euphoria, depression, loss of sleep, irritability, impaired judgement, and patterns of impulsive and excessive spending. While it is thought that the condition is rarely fatal, its individual and societal impact is almost beyond measure. Left untreated, it can have lasting, even permanent consequences for those afflicted. What is this malady? It is the Holiday Rush.

Have you caught the bug?

If you have, please be assured that there is hope for you. There is a simple and effective remedy, which includes the following:

  1. A daily application of personal prayer and devotion; even small doses are known to provide quick and penetrating relief.

  2. Light therapy has been of particular help to certain sufferers, the candles of an Advent wreath being the best mode of delivery.

  3. Guided meditation is particularly effective. The prescription is those bible readings appointed for our Sunday worship, and are found in your weekly church bulletin. Helpful instructions for application may be found in the Sunday sermon.

  4. A balanced diet, which includes the bread and wine of the Holy Eucharist, brings strength and vitality to both body and soul. This is available freely at church on Sundays; please note that home delivery can be arranged as required.

  5. Talk therapy. Those who follow the above and then tell others about it are known to benefit directly, as do those who are willing to listen.

This course of treatment is known as Keeping Advent, and I commend it to you. Not only is it an effective remedy for the symptoms of the Holiday Rush, it is an ancient and powerful preparation. It prepares us for a blessed and holy Christmas. And that is just what I wish for you.

Yours in Christ,

Dean Jim +

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