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Breaking News: A Show Like No Other

As you can see by our Gala poster the Junior, Girls’ and Boys’ Auxiliaries, the artists also known as the Churchmouse Players, plan on celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday in grand style. Please mark Saturday, October 21st, on your calendar.

The music will be stellar – with many of your favourite Canadian ballads and folks songs – representing each province and territory, plus special tributes in music and in poetry to the brave gentlemen and ladies who served in the First and Second World Wars.

150 years will be woven together in song, dance, drama, and three spectacular black light puppet performances. Did we mention the Sunday School Bell Ringers will be there too?

Our principal puppeteers are Katie Pottekkat and Paige Eklund with a team which includes Liam McShane, Catherine Mesich, Jayden Connell, Dylan Reid and Olivia Connell.

Our lead drama and dance team are Carys Hernden, Jasmine Morton, Chelsey Tyrrel and Olivia Young - with a little help from some of those talented puppeteers. Queen Victoria will be present to give it the regal and royal touch. Our Juniors - Taber, Nevan, Luna, Charlie, Angelina and McKenna will entertain you in drama and music – at our Mini-Concert on May 7th, and at our Gala.

Within the context of the October 21st, Gala celebration, we will have a historical display for you to view in the lobby during intermission. Our GA girls and leaders have already created pottery for display through the leadership of artisan Karen Nisbet at her Hummingbird Studio. In addition, our members are creating 150 decorative maple leaves from templates drawn and illustrated for us by artist Helen-Mary Carter. We have 12 completed – only 138 to go! If you look at the banner by the stairwell at the main door, you will see how the banner now has four maple leaves in addition to the previously painted gospel symbols. We dearly appreciate Karen and Helen-Mary’s kindness in sharing their talents with our children.

In the midst of all this activity, Laura Strum continues singing lessons which focus on our Good Friday service on April 14th, and in preparation for our Evensong Awards Service and mini-concert on May 7th. Come to think of it – please mark those dates on your calendars too!

This has been an important update from your JAGABA News Service. Stay tuned! [endif]--![endif]--


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